2018-2019 EDGE of Orion Youth Theatre Season

“This is the Great Adventure”

Welcome to the most exciting year yet! This season features classic and creative Greek mythology, roaring dinosaurs signing,  and heartfelt, spellbinding musical. Speaking of spellbinding we will have a long awaited trip into a world of wizards that will stupify our audiences! Enjoy reading the descriptions below! Get excited! Tell your friends to like our facebook page EDGE of Orion to know when the next classes are coming out!

The Odyssey | October 26-28th

Devonshire Playhouse Skokie

The Odyssey directed by Miquela A. Cruz this production will feature huge cardboard puppets and even huge-er (is that a word?) journey for Odysseus and his crew as they battle their way home. If the 300 and the video “Geronimo” had a playdate, this would be it. Local playwright and beloved EDGE of Orion favorite Leah Lopez is back with her most challenging script yet! This one will be one for the ages and is for all ages and all tiers.

The Private Life of Private Molly | October 28th- Nov 4th

The Edge Theater on Broadway (Chicago) 

You probably know that we at EDGE of Orion Youth Theatre like strong three dimensional female leads. We also love history! So we asked local playwright Jillian Leff to dig deeper into the Revolutionary War and found a dynamic story.  Deborah Sampson was a warrior. When the rest of her peers joined domestic projects to support the Revolution, she finds that a musket fits her hand better than a sewing needle. This powerful story challenges our perceptions of gender roles and gives insight into honor with The Private Life of Private Molly. Rick Olson will lead the charge in his direction of this bold new play. This is a production for our Legends

The Weeping Christmas Angels | Dec 11th and 12th

The Edge Theater on Broadway (Chicago)

In our forth foray into the Timey and Wimey, we enter a new genre. There was a time during the holidays, the most wonderful time of the year, when we were promised “scary ghost stories and tales of the glories of Christmases long ago.” Weeping Christmas Angels weaves a tale of supernatural horror, time travel, and, as with other shows, a tale that is bigger on the inside. Directed by EDGE of Orion’s Artistic Director, Orion Couling. This is a production for our Legends.

Murder on the Magic Express | February 22-24th

Devonshire Playhouse (Skokie)

There is a train that can take you someplace truly magical and on this particular ride it will be one poor unlucky sod’s last stop! Murder on the Magic Express is an epic ride with a tip of the  wizard’s hat to Agatha Christie and to a world that loves wizarding. This show will leave our audience leg locked and stupefied! Local playwright turned satirist Sarah Jean Tilford has created an incredible world that will be director Kevin Johnson’s EDGE of Orion mainstage premier. All ages and all tiers are welcome here!

Seussical the Musical Jr | March 1st-3rd

The Edge Theater on Broadway (Chicago)

We all could use a splash of color in the winter, right? This year’s musical, Seussical the Musical Jr., will be perfect for that. This show’s heart is powerful and its story of acceptance and dedication is inspiring. When it comes to telling stories with a big heart, there are none bigger than our director Becky Horn. This show will take pre-registration before the end of December to run. All ages and all tiers are welcome here! Please note new singers and non-singers are encouraged to participate. We offer a kind process and foster a love for joy of singing rather than the perfection of song.

Jurassic Park: The Musical | May 2nd-May 4th

Devonshire Playhouse (Skokie)

We’ve joked about it for years. Now it’s roaring its way onto our stage. It’s larger than life! It can’t be contained! It’s Jurassic Park-The Musical! Using themes from the score and songs that make us wanna eat lawyers on toilets, this controlled chaos will be brought out the amber by adapter and director Rick Olson. Every age and every size of dinosaur are welcome in this show. Triassic to Jurassic!

Arsenic And Old Lace | May 17th-19th

The Edge Theater on Broadway (Chicago)

And after the hard hitting drama and horror the Legends have brought us, we’ll end with comedy. Morbid, perhaps, but hilarious! Arsenic and Old Lace. Hilarity and homicide are the names of the game with director Rob Southgate at the wheel! Fast and light with wit at every corner this script contains as many jokes as hidden corpses! This show is for our Legends!