“This award is for every kid who is watching tonight who has a disability, who has a limitation or a challenge, who has been waiting to see themselves represented in this arena. You are.”  

Ali Stroker,
2019 Tony Awards

In 2019, Ali Stroker gave hope to a population who rarely sees themselves represented in national media when she sang at the Tony Awards and accepted her award as an actor who happens to use a wheelchair for mobility. Upon winning her Tony, she shared her spotlight with people who are physically and developmentally disabled, proving that it is our abilities that make us shine. This goes to the core of why we are making Gem Seeker: An Unexpected Hero.

Imagine going through your whole life as a lover of movies and TV and rarely seeing yourself represented at all, much less as a lead? Most people who are differently-abled are sidelined and rarely given screen time that isn’t focused solely on their “disability”. According to United Nations, there are 1 billion people with disabilities, that’s 15% percent of the global population, but in a study by GLAAD, only 1% of these people are represented on TV. These numbers must change.

Gem Seeker.jpg

Gem Seeker is the newest film from The Constellation Project and EDGE of Orion. Shot in 7 days across 5 locations, this epic film needs your support! Our first film, No Easy Target, has gained both national and international praise. We specifically send out films to festivals with audiences who will feel challenged by our message. Check out our next two film festivals pictures attached!  Gem Seeker deserves that same opportunity, but will only have that if we can fund the film.
Our message is one of acceptance as equal players in the adventure. In our story, Nim, the wood elf, seeks gems that will dictate the future of Middle Earth alongside his fellow adventurers, not behind. It's a film that celebrates ability rather than seeing a disability.
Answer the call! With new perks and adjusted incentives, there has never been a better time to join the inclusion revolution! Your direct financial support is the number one way to help. 
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We understand that there are people who want to be involved who either do not have money to send or who can offer more than money.
We are actively looking for:

·         Opportunities to screen No Easy Target with a talkback about Inclusion and the chance to share our funding request to that audience. Schools, Scouts, Churches, Temples, Elks lodges, Knights of Columbus, Kiwanis, and civic groups are perfect places to have this conversation about inclusion
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