About EDGE of Orion Youth Theater

EDGE of Orion Youth Theatre began almost a decade ago in an effort to empower children through theatre arts as they learn how to navigate the complicated emotions of growing up. We are committed to inclusivity and social justice and welcome actors of all abilities from preschool age to high school level. From creating original works that reflect the lives of the company to performing theatrical touchstones, EDGE of Orion is dedicated to fostering community and giving the actors space to develop their voices and tell their stories.

Students in the Youth Theatre wing learn all aspects of theatre arts, from stage managing to costuming, lights to sound design, acting to directing. We are firm believers in process over product, which means that we place the importance on the process of learning rather than presenting a perfectly polished product. The students run the final productions after weeks of supervision from staff members and sometimes this means that mistakes and mishaps happen during production. At EDGE of Orion, we feel that learning how to deal with missteps helps us learn resilience and humility, which helps us grow both as performers and people.

Esteem Development through Greater Expectations is hardly just a catchy acronym, but the crux of our philosophy as we devote ourselves to learning and growing together in an amazing theatre arts community.