About EDGE of Orion


About EDGE of Orion

EDGE of Orion was featured on “We’re Here” podcast. Take a listen and find out more about us!

Mission Statement

EDGE of Orion’s acronym stands for “Esteem Development Through Greater Expectations.” Using the theatre arts, we educate and entertain to foster the tools of social change. EDGE of Orion has a goal of finding every participant’s personal best and holding them accountable to it.  EDGE of Orion’s overarching goal is developing theatre for marginalized communities and to bring a message of non-violence, civic, and social change through exploration of the theatre arts.

Status: We believe in giving a participant performance opportunities elevates them in status to their community. That status gives power and that power can be wielded to evoke change.

Self esteem: When we do the impossible, it makes us mighty. Whether its mounting a play in 8 weeks or making a speech for the first time, we are not afraid of the challenge and the possibility of failure.  Only by challenging the possible and succeeding against the odds will we build the strength to endure life’s obstacles and the pride when we succeed.

Non-Violence through Action: We explore the impulses and go behind the scenes of aggressive feelings. We encourage “play” in a safe environment where participants can harness their bodies and minds into one spirit. Then use that spirit for peace. 


Sectors of EDGE of Orion:

  • EDGE of Orion Core: These are company produced classes offered on our select curriculum in theatre, social skills, history, and stage combat.

  • EDGE of Orion Satellite: These are programs that EDGE of Orion has been asked to produce, collaborate, expand on, or sub contracted by on outside produced program.

  • EDGE of Orion Troupe: This professional actor centric program provides a training ground for interns from our marginalized community to observe the highest standards of professionalism and be part of the process. It also is meant to generate much needed funds to support EDGE of Orion Core and EDGE of Orion Satellite.

  • EDGE of Orion Workshops: These limited time commitment programs are meant to harness our educational and entertainment abilities in a workshop environment. These programs are targeted for school assemblies, conventions, conferences, and camps.