Advice from E.D.G.E. Parents

It would be impossible to make it to 10 years in a program like this without the help of strong, intelligent, flexible, amazing parents of students in our programs!

We asked some of these wonderful parents of students in the E.D.G.E. Youth Program to share with us the advice they would give to others that are just starting with us.

 Advice from EDGE of Orion Parents!

Alice Hallowed (Alice has been an EDGE of Orion parent since 2013, and has four kids in our programs (Johnny, Thomas, Tabby and Rory!)

  • email Lori ( with money and ticketing questions, and Rick ( for day-of concerns for Classes

  • better to drop off early than late, but not before 9:30 am!

  • tickets will sell out so get them when they come out

  • tech week and performance schedule may change; read your emails!

  • parents will be responsible for some costume pieces

  • even if a kid gets a small part there will still be lots to do and much fun to be had

  • if you aren’t getting emails once a week or so email Lori ( or Rick ( asap.

DeLynn Zielinski

  • Take time and enjoy the moments small and large.

  • Listen to your child’s wants and needs. Don’t push your own ideas upon them.

  • Be flexible and patient.

  • It’s even more fun to watch when you know more than your own kid, encourage friends to join in.

  • When your kids are at EDGE of Orion know they are receiving great mentorship and love from the directors.

  • Friends will be made through EDGE of Orion