While the Constellation Project is best known for its full-scale inclusive musicals, there is another aspect that we are proud to present! The Constellation Classics started in 2017 with our production of "Romeo & Juliet" and continued in 2018 with "The Importance of Being Earnest".

And we're not stopping there! 

Musical theatre is important - but we believe that our students have the ability to dive into even some of the more complicated texts from theatre history like Shakespeare and Beckett. Keep your eyes on this site to learn more about upcoming Constellation Classics coming your way!

Review from "The Importance of Being Earnest":

The first thing you’ll notice about this cast was their excitement. Walking in, you could feel the enthusiasm and energy radiating from them as they geared up to share their love of theater and story with the audience.  It was positively infectious and they hooked the audience just with their anticipation of what was to come.

But then, the play began. With just six weeks of rehearsal for this classic play with some sophisticated comedic timing, the cast handled it with all the marks of actors who truly understand and love theater. The space was fairly small, but that didn’t stop the cast from utilizing all the tools at their disposal from their physical acting to the set and props. The delivery of the lines along with the physical reactions made for a genuinely hilarious experience. Space was made for all of the actors from the principal cast to the non-speaking actors to have a chance to shine with various types of acting and comedy, from facial reactions to physical pratfalls. And they all did an absolutely tremendous job and added to the overall feeling of exuberance. The timing of the lines and physical comedy was also something you’d expect to see in a professional theater company, so the shortened rehearsal time is that much more amazing. And, of course, there was a food fight, much to the delight of the younger audience members who were able to throw foam food back at the actors who gleefully reveled in their play.

In this condensed version of the play, it was easily followed by those who knew the material to those who had this as their first exposure to Wilde’s work. The actors brilliantly conveyed the trouble with societal expectations and balanced the romantic aspects with self-confidence, keeping true to the farcical nature of Wilde’s vision.

To be certain, the whole audience thoroughly enjoyed their time with this production and that is to the credit of the cast and directing team. No doubt, any Wilde devotee, and even Wilde himself, would be perfectly pleased with this amusing take on the classic play.