The Lord of The Ring script for our next Constellation Project movie is coming along and is thrilling! We are off to a great start! Forged in the fires of Inclusion!


Thrilled to announce EDGE of Orion‘s Constellation Project's film No Easy Target is a "Monthly Official Selection" for the Oniros monthly festival in Saint-Vincent, Italy!


Oniros Film Awards is an International Monthly and Annual IMDb qualifying competition based in Saint-Vincent, Italy, which celebrates films from all around the world with awards in different categories and genres. The OFA allows filmmakers to submit their projects to get them judged by Award-winning industry professionals specialized in various fields and compete with other talented filmmakers.

Our goal was to open eyes to the message of our film, especially to those outside of our direct community. It's being seen in Italy! That's definitely a new community for us! Please share far and wide! Inclusion Revolution for All!

no easy target has been submitted to over 30 festivals!! Check out our new trailer here: