Contributions to EDGE of Orion are tax deductible and go to the very worthwhile cause of creating and producing theatre and classes for homeschoolers, unschoolers, young people with Down syndrome, friends, peers and you.

EDGE of Orion's acronym stands for “Esteem Development Through Greater Expectations”. Using the theatre arts, we educate and entertain to foster the tools of social change. EDGE of Orion has a goal of finding every participant’s personal best and holding them accountable to it. EDGE of Orion’s main thrust is developing theatre for marginalized communities and to bring a message of non-violence, civic, and social change through exploration of the theatre arts.

Plus, we’re small, we’re local and we’re independent (so your contribution is a big deal to us!).

There’s lots of ways to give! (and it doesn’t just have to be money)

1) Make a donation on-line using the button below. A donation of $50 or more will really help us reach our goals.


2) Send a check made payable to:

EDGE of Orion
7742 North Sheridan Road, #3L
Chicago, IL 60626

3) Make monthly donation of $10 or $20. Small monthly amounts can make a big difference to us! Contribute monthly.

4) If you really love us, you can become a member of EDGE of Orion’s Partners, a group of major donors who support the Company through annual gifts of $500 or more. Find out more about EDGE of Orion’s Partners here.

5) See one of our performances. Our youth and professionals perform all throughout the year at many different venues and our ticket prices can be as low as $12 per person. Check out our upcoming events.

6) Volunteer your time. Got expertise in information technology, marketing, or fundraising? Do you have a cargo van, 10 foot collapsible ladder, storage bins, gift cards to Amazon or Home Depot? Or maybe you’ve got some time to help out at an event? Let us know. We’d love to hear from you! You can contact us by email:, phone: 773-329-9116 or find us on Facebook.

All contributions to EDGE of Orion are tax deductible.

Thank you, in advance, for your generous support!