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When the galaxy needs heroes, chromosomes don’t count

People who are differently-abled are often pushed to the outskirts of society.  At EDGE Theatre's Constellation Project, we fight that by creating an all-inclusive community around art. By casting projects highlighting people who are differently abled with their peers who are typically functioning side by side, sharing equal status, we reflect the world we want to live in. 

For over a decade, we have been using musical theatre to bridge a social gap. For the past two years, we've added classical theatre like Shakespeare and Wilde to our repertoire. We desire to add a third component with a professional short film experience. 

We picked Star Wars for many reasons. 

Our Artistic Director Orion Couling is very involved in the Geek Community here in Chicago. As a certified stage combat instructor, he has taught lightsaber at the Adler Planetarium, Milwaukee Discovery World,  and at a multitude of conventions and workshops around the world. EDGE Theatre has also produced a Star Wars Shakespeare mash-up with Macbeth called MacSith and toured it for education after a massively successful local run. We have also produced the Klingon Christmas Carol here in Chicago for the past three years. Moving to film that emphasizes our mission seemed to be a logical choice.

As educators and community members of the Geek community, we are sickened and outraged by the hostility towards people of color, women, and people who are not traditional "heroes" expressed by a large segment of the Star Wars fan base. We firmly believe we all need a seat at the creative table and this film offers a chance to challenge that narrative with a decisive action based story.

As far as we know, this will be the first time the main action heroes of a Star Wars fan film have been actors with Down Syndrome. Our supporting cast features diversity and strong female characters. It's nothing short of revolutionary. 

We invite you to join the Inclusion Revolution!

Project Mission Guidelines

  • To show a beloved fan base that there are no limitations with those who are differently abled
  • To show actors who are differently-abled in heroic and empowered roles as the main protagonist, not simply sidekicks
  • To share our story with the widest audience possible to nurture social change
  • To create the most professional and spectacular film possible within our technical abilities

More about our GoFundMe Campaign

We have three levels of goals.

The Journey Begins: $7,325.00
This includes a small professional team of filmmakers being led by Scott Potter with Hidden Catalyst productions, a stipend for our cast, costuming, standard special effects, and scoring. It also allows budget for submitting to festivals and conventions.

Answering the Call: $8,525.00
This option helps us add hologram moments and dramatically expands our editing ability.  This brings our vision nearer to its true ideas

A Heroic Celebration: $10,325.00
We blaze the screen with animation and 3d modeling. Spaceships soar and explosions light up our film. With this budget, we can realize our full creative power.

And finally, a victory lap!

If we exceed this funding, we will use the leftover amount to create another film next year. Anything over $20,650.00 will be given to the Seed Foundation from Niles Township District for Special Education.

The force is strong with us! Join us and help us take our fandom back from hate and prejudice and give it to ALL of us.

Announcements & Updates:

August 1 2018

Sneak peak of EASY TARGET’s opening crawl

The First Order continues to rule the galaxy with an iron will. The Resistance, broken and splintered, holds on to the last pieces of hope. 

Yet on a far off moon of the galaxy, hope lives among the people in a small colony. This small colony escaped from the strict rules and ways of being to create a new home that welcomes all people of all abilities. 

They are resilient, they are strong, and they are no easy targets.

August 15th 2018

Check out this amazing video showing a behind the scenes look at our first round of lightsaber training!

August 20th 2018

It isn’t unusual to see three middle-age bearded men around a table working on making a science-fiction film. 

What might be an usual is that each of these men have dedicated their professional time to creating something that challenges the traditional science fiction movie goer.

A film that asks us not to just reach for the farthest boundaries of the galaxy but more importantly to expand the boundaries of the human heart.