“This award is for every kid who is watching tonight who has a disability, who has a limitation or a challenge, who has been waiting to see themselves represented in this arena. You are.”  

Ali Stroker,
2019 Tony Awards

In 2019, Ali Stroker gave hope to a population who rarely sees themselves represented in national media when she sang at the Tony Awards and accepted her award as an actor who happens to use a wheelchair for mobility. Upon winning her Tony, she shared her spotlight with people who are physically and developmentally disabled, proving that it is our abilities that make us shine. This goes to the core of why we are making Gem Seeker: An Unexpected Hero.

Imagine going through your whole life as a lover of movies and TV and rarely seeing yourself represented at all, much less as a lead? Most people who are differently-abled are sidelined and rarely given screen time that isn’t focused solely on their “disability”. According to United Nations, there are 1 billion people with disabilities, that’s 15% percent of the global population, but in a study by GLAAD, only 1% of these people are represented on TV. These numbers must change.

Enter Nim, a young Elf asked to go on an adventure by a wizard. He has a rare gift for understanding gems and with a party of warriors he sets out to save Middle Earth from an evil they can’t even begin to comprehend. He shines not because he is “the chosen one” nor because he has “exceptionalities” but simply because he perseveres.

With this dramatic imagining of a quest through Middle Earth, our set of characters learn that seeing “ability over disability” is actually a rather simple thing. Once your perspective changes, you’ll hear all who speak friend.

The media can be a vital instrument in raising awareness, countering stigma and misinformation. It can be a powerful force to change societal misconceptions and present persons with disabilities as individuals that are a part of human diversity. By increasing the awareness and understanding of disability issues and the diversity of persons with disabilities and their situations, the media can actively contribute to an effective and successful integration of persons with disabilities in all aspects of societal life. “ United Nations

Like our first award-winning movie No Easy Target, we intend to send this story to every possible festival and eventually release it online to foster discussions in classrooms and homes about inclusion, representation and acceptance.

We estimate the total production cost to be near $20,000 for this film. Making this fanfilm is, quite frankly, a leap of faith. If you have seen our previous fanfilm, then you know we are committed to pushing narratives into the world that focus on diversity and inclusion. We want our pretend worlds to look like the people in our lives, so EDGE of Orion is committed to casting gender-blind and including people of color. For too long in storytelling, too many have been left out. We aim to help change that, one film at a time.

Like our first film, we are self and crowdfunded. Help our journey to Middle Earth by donating today and/or sharing our campaign.

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Gem Seeker- Campaign Update Week 2!

Behind the scenes:

It's time for our weekly campaign update! This week, let's focus on details and community. In the first picture, we see a young makeup artist assistant Aidan Walsh beneath the tutelage of professional makeup artist Meeja Hahn placing the elven ears upon our star Nick Pesce. This process takes time and patience, so they look just right. A lot of times, this happened around 6 or 7 am and would stay on until evening.  Film making allows for repetition in learning. Aidan became very adept at adding ears and our film featured 5 elves! Compassion and trust must flow both ways for this to be standard practice on our set. This is what you support when you support our film.

nick makeup campaign.jpg
Nick action campaign.jpg

Perk of the week!

Name in Credits!

Haven't you always wanted to see your name in credits? For $100, your name will appear in the credits! When the credit scroll at film festivals, you'll be there. When they scroll at schools, you'll be there. Your name up there saying, "Hey, I committed to the inclusion revolution!” This is an awesome way to show your support! You can also do a credit in honor of or in memorial of a person with Down syndrome in your life or community!
Orc Adoption - Orc of the week!
Our upcoming screenings of No Easy Target will feature opportunities to sponsor an Orc. The Orcs are in no crisis, but really could use your love. When you attend one of our screenings or choose "The Orc encounter" on our Indiegogo, you will directly support these Orcs in finding meaningful connections across Middle Earth and our homes. 

First, let's meet Bogrum:


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