EDGE Theatre NFP continues its mission to work with marginalized kids in many areas, including the homeschool community. Many parents who have children that do not fit in traditional school settings for various reasons choose to utilize homeschooling as a means for success. The homeschool
community is very diverse, and is also populated with special needs and the “invisible illnesses”, also
known as: the autism spectrum, mental illness or emotional disturbance (such as bipolar disorder,
clinical depression, anxiety disorders, etc.) and all sorts of cognitive, executive function, sensory and
processing disorders.

Whenever a child does not function well in a mainstream or even an alternative school, homeschooling becomes an option, and often, a best fit. EDGE brings its skill set to serve those families and children who don’t find success working within a highly structured environment. Many times, kids with invisible illnesses are in the ‘in-between.’ They are social pariahs in a mainstream school, misunderstood, and are not always served academically even with an IEP plan. Sometimes, they don’t fit in within an alternative setting, especially ones that are populated with kids with primarily behavioral issues. In essence, they don’t belong anywhere. Unfortunately, due to stigma and many of the difficulties that come with living with an illness others can’t readily see, these kids face judgment from not only mainstream communities, but some special needs ones, as well.

EDGE prides itself on giving all kids that don’t necessarily fit in a mainstream or special needs community a place to be, and thrive. We have seen kids with the lowest self-esteem make gains in leaps and bounds within a few sessions of being with EDGE. These kids find a sense of purpose, belonging, camaraderie and a way to use what is seen as their challenges as a path to success.