EDGE of Orion


Press for Klingon Christmas Carol [2018]

“Klingon Christmas Carol” is a holiday gift to Star Trek fans”


“I am very happy to have seen this performance and would encourage anyone who loves Star Trek, Charles Dickens, Christmas, or just wants to watch a surprisingly emotional play from unexpected source material to go check it out.

tlhIngan maH! (“We are Klingon!”)”


PopCultHQ’s Overall Assessment

As the Christmas season is well under way, many great Christmas traditions, particularly when it comes to media and culture, are in full swing. While this may be a different sort of Christmas play to take in during the holiday season, it is also immensely enjoyable and fun to watch. To all who are fans of theater, Star Trek or Charles Dickens, please make a point to see ‘A Klingon Christmas Carol this year’. It is a treat that one should not miss out on.


Press for "Peter & The Starcatcher" [2018]

Northwest Herald

"Under the brilliant direction of Melissa Crabtree, this cast did so well if you never heard of Peter Pan you’d still be able to enjoy this play. [...] The packed house became enthusiastic with the acting energy put forth by the entire cast."

Press for “Illyria” [2017]

In Collaboration with OtherWorld Theatre


“Excellent performance from the entire cast, absolutely no weak points. […] A really fun production, and honestly the thing I want to gush most about is Mary-Kate Arnold’s adaptation. It’s a freaking brilliant accomplishment.”


Press for “Klingon Christmas Carol” [2016]

Inverse – “At its core, the Klingon Christmas Carol is a story of values seen from the perspective of another culture — even if that culture’s completely made-up. A Klingon Christmas Carol isn’t parody, it’s mythology.”

Chicago Now – “Unlike the barrage of general holiday theatre in Chicago, A Klingon Christmas Carol offers specificity and holiday joy to an audience that is often overlooked. I left the theatre thinking about the importance of marrying our favourite fandoms to our art and just how much enjoyment that coupling can bring to the world around us.”

Chicago Reader – “…if you’ve ever crossed paths with Captain Kirk or Captain Picard, this is an incredibly unique take on a holiday classic. […]The story is an appropriately violent and courageous Klingon adaptation of the Dickens tale, with miserly main character SQuja’ receiving a ghostly visit from his deceased partner MarlI’ and harrowing glimpses of his past, present and future.”

Theatre In Chicago – “Boldly taking Dickens’ holiday classic where no Christmas show has gone before!”

Chicago Tribune – listed as a “must see holiday show”!


Press for “Steampunk Christmas Carol” [2016]

Chicago Now – “Much of the success of this production also comes from the writing. Playwright Jared McDaris has created a whole and unique world capable of not only handling its story but of enhancing its meaning.”

Chicago Reader – “I would see this show again for its performers, all of whom charm.”


Press for “1776: the musical” [2016]


Chicago Reader (Recommended)

“Up on the north side, EDGE of Orion has revived Sherman Edwards’s perennially popular musical in honor of the election season. And it’s good. Real good.”


Chicago Theatre & Concert Reviews (Recommended)

“This is […] an admirable production. While staying true to the original it opens up the play with a few modern touches, not the least of which is inclusive, cross-gender casting.”


Chicagoland Musical Theatre

“Most impressively, M. Crabtree has assembled a non-traditional, gender-blind cast that delivers outstanding performances perfectly in line with EDGE of Orion’s mission to develop theatre for marginalized communities and to foster the tools of social change. For this musical about famous, dead, white men, she has created an ensemble wherein non-white, female and differently-abled audience members will all be able to see themselves represented. And that, more than anything else affirms one of the show’s predominant themes, that our history as Americans belongs to all of us.”


The Fourth Walsh (Recommended)

“It’s Congress surround sound.  They are literally by your side and in your face. The intimacy provides an insight and transparency to the thought-process of our founding fathers.  It’s a refreshing change to the inner-workings of our nation’s leaders without the media filter.”


Third Coast Review

“A new and intimate production of 1776 succeeds in reminding us that the founding fathers were real people with human problems who managed to make the close decisions that brought about independence. EDGE of Orion’s excellent election-year production is staged in Mary’s Attic, a tiny but comfortable performance space above a restaurant in Andersonville.”


Pretty Late Previews

Listen in to this radio interview as Patti chats with a couple of the cast members from “1776” and discusses EDGE of Orion’s mission statement.

Press for “MacSith” [2015]

Around The Town Chicago

“This was Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” like I’d never seen it before: hyper-intimate, terrifyingly dark, and surprisingly redemptive.”



“Who needs a dagger when you have a light saber? And who needs a light saber when you have the force? […] Orion Couling’s pageant of stage combat techniques for EDGE of Orion trims Macbeth, laced with Star Wars jargon, to just over an hour.”


Geeks A Gogo

“Whether you’re a nerd who read too many books, a geek who watched too many movies, or a parent who wants to make the classics fun for their child—you should see this play.”


You & Me This Morning

Check out this exciting video of our amazing cast and director promoting “MacSith” on WCIU-the U, You & Me This Morning!


Geek Bar

Features a review of the “May the Fourth” party co-hosted by Geek Bar and the cast of “MacSith”!


Being Geek Chic

Features “MacSith” and a pre-show interview with Lexi Saunders (Lady Monbeth) – named Lady Geek of the Week.

“Living in a sci-fi world, she’s clever, viciously cunning, and can scheme like no other. Well, her character can, anyway.”


The Columbia Chronicle

Features “MacSith” and a pre-show interview with Orion Couling (director), Miquela Cruz (The Master) & John Mobley (The Master).


Chicago Sun-Times

Featured MacSith as “a thing to do” in their Entertainment Section!



Press for “BatHamlet” [2014]

Action Quarterly

Orion Couling […] does what you’d expect of an instructor who regularly conducts classes in light-saber and offers movement workshops geared for children. He places a mounting board in an upstage corner to hold rapiers, broadswords and daggers at the ready for the scenes that require them, and occupies the downstage environs with villains brandishing such exotic equipage as crozier, sledge-hammer, blacksnake whip and—just before intermission, naturally—a large jar, allegedly made of melting ice, containing a cobra whose fangs are chomped on a grenade! Of course, our heroes manage to free themselves of their bonds and roll the, literally, triple-threat device off the back of the stage to detonate harmlessly in a burst of foleyed bang-and-boom. Indeed, most of the weapons are no sooner displayed than they are abandoned in favor of kicks, punches, throws and titty-twists—a fight vocabulary safer for both actor and audience, but nonetheless executed with speed, precision and perfectly-timed knaps making for suitably breathtaking sequences of thrilling suspense.


Press for “MacSith” [2013]

Chicago Stage Standard

“This blending of Shakespeare’s “MacBeth” with the “Star Wars” universe works surprisingly well. EDGE of Orion […] has put the film series’ odd mix of high-tech and rusticity to good use in a well-staged black-box production.”


Chicago Literati

“This acting in this show by professional and youth actors alike, is dialed so tight, the cuts for movement and other adaptations of the original script so right on, that the full force of the tragedy hits the audience hard.”

“Fans of Star Wars or Macbeth, both or neither, should go see this play. The show is a true roller coaster of action and emotion that flies along a very sturdy track. All the elements of the illusion of theater are working together at a high level here. It’s one hell of a ride.”


Red Eye

“”MacSith” succeeds admirably in making Shakespeare’s play work as well with light sabers and Mandalorian bounty hunters as any traditional telling has.”

“[A] strength of “MacSith” is the cinematic feel of the production. Even though the stage is sparse at times and leaves much of the details to the audience’s imagination, the actors make good use of their props and the production’s sound design to give it a big-budget feel. The light saber battles are very well choreographed and they even use the blades to create some cool lighting effects.”