We recently published a preview of our 2018 Holiday Session.  With that, we are sure that some of you have noticed that we have also raised prices across the board.

Know that no decisions that we EVER make at EDGE come without hours of thought and consideration. With that, we wanted to take the time to write a small letter to explain why it is necessary to raise our prices now.   

EDGE Youth Theatre has not raised its prices in over 3 years. In this time, we have moved to a space where we could offer three classes at a time at almost all times. We have hired more staff to more effectively teach and to provide better and more timely communication. We introduced our Tier System for selecting what classes were best suited for your young family member. We have also increased our production value on all of our shows.

Throughout all of this, our prices have remained the same but our costs have not. It is now necessary to raise our prices so we can continue to have a full staff, the facilities and quality that you have come to expect from us.  

We understand that change can come as a challenge for many people. We are some of those same people. We will still offer payment plans to those who need them. There is also limited financial assistance available. We will always remain vigilant and flexible in helping any student who wishes to come through the EDGE doors to be able to do so.  

We know that there will be questions, and we will gladly answer them. We encourage you to ask any questions you have but please do take a moment to read through this and remember to construct your questions and inquiries in a constructive manner.  

We are greatly looking forward to the upcoming session and to many, many more years of successful sessions!