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CASTING CALL for Guys and Dolls!

E.D.G.E. of Orion Theatre’s Constellation Project has expanded to the north suburbs!

For over a decade, the E.D.G.E. of Orion Theatre’s Constellation Project has been at the forefront of inclusive theatre for all. Focused on training young people to be a community, sharing the stage with all abilities, and taking the stage as independently as possible; our 6 month process supports the growth of individuals across the board.

Joining our production is unlike any other company. With a high staff/participant ratio, your young person will be pushed to be at their personal and artistic best at all times. This is a program aimed at deepening independence and integration into a community. We hold and support high standards for each and every participant.

Here is what parents say about our unique program:

“I highly recommend you involve your children in the E.D.G.E. of Orion theatre programs. Your child will learn, blossom, make close friends, work hard and laugh hard.  The best part about this group is the constant push for each actor to reach their personal best - no special treatment or excuses due to disabilities. This is real theatre and certainly requires commitment and effort of both the parents but even more so of the actors. Being part of an E.D.G.E. of Orion theatre production is a not to be missed event.  Each year my daughter develops or deepens friendships within a wonderful theatre community and is proud of the work she does and each new level of accomplishment.  And she loves every moment of it.” Maureen (Mother)

“The beautiful community E.D.G.E. of Orion has created has been an amazing addition to my life for the past three years, and would provide a significant benefit to anyone lucky enough to be involved with  E.D.G.E. of Orion . In this safe place, everyone is allowed to be themselves, and no one is judged for who or how they are. At  E.D.G.E. of Orion , everyone is equal within this inclusive community, and no one is ignored for any reason. I also value the  E.D.G.E. of Orion  policy of hate-free language. At E.D.G.E. of Orion , no one is allowed to be rude to anyone. No matter what race, gender, or abilities a person may have, no one can question or hurt another. I think  E.D.G.E. of Orion  is a truly awesome and unique community.” Sophia (Theatre Peer)

Who is E.D.G.E. of Orion and the Constellation Project?

The Constellation Project is a division of the NFP E.D.G.E. of Orion.  E.D.G.E. of Orion exist to bring theatre to and support marginalized communities. We started the Constellation Project specifically to focus on inclusive theatre.

We, here at the Constellation Project, know that we are new to your community. We are an award winning community building theatre experience.  (Broadway Junior Theatre Excellence 2015). Though we’ve a decade of experience doing this sort of work, it may take a leap of faith. To cushion that leap, please read the next two excerpts.

“I have such high regard and appreciation for the  E.D.G.E. of Orion  staff and production team; not only for their creative and professional theatrical expertise, but also for the way they model respect and dignity for all. They elevate all cast members and support in ways that are natural and allow others to shine.” - Sandy (Program Coordinator)

“I love your program. My child loves your program. It gave her courage and confidence. It helped her build friendships with disabled and non-disabled peers. It increased her literacy in so many ways. As a parent, I learned to let go and trust the process. I know I can trust  E.D.G.E. of Orion . You will never do anything that does not respect and promote the dignity of my child. The love and humor of you and your entire staff is so apparent to any parent who stays for even one "end of rehearsal" notes session.  I am always amazed at the end product, and every year gets better and better!” - Lisa (Mother)

Finally, we are aware and are supporters of other programs in our area that offer similar opportunities. We believe the more live theatre a person does, the better they are for it. We hope that you will add our production to your other commitments and grow from the teaching styles of both! Here is one more letter that speaks to that goal.

“Our kids fortunately have a great support system from the school districts. When they leave high school as an adult, unfortunately you feel the net of all the great services are pulled away from under you.  E.D.G.E. of Orion  is one of the activities that does fill in the gap and really excites the kids to be part of it. For almost 6 months the kids are part of a group that truly helps them experience something fun, fulfilling and normal that they would not otherwise have the opportunity to do so. This theater experience is the real deal.

It is educational when they are memorizing scripts and songs. It helps their social skills, boosts their independence and just makes them feel so good when they perform on stage. You will never experience this till you are in the audience watching one of the shows and once you see it you will never stop going back.” Farida (Mother)

The Financial Commitment:

This north suburbs program is a new endeavor supported by fundraising and tuition. We must have 30 participants in the program to launch this fall, and support the total cost of production of $28,000.00  

What does this look like?

  • Our program will have 30 participants at $600.00 tuition each. We understand that seems like a large upfront cost; it actually breaks down to $8 an hour for a period of 6 months. Payment plans are available. $200.00 of this fee is required at registration.

  • There are no additional costume fees. However you may be required to provide your own shoes or a base layer for a costume

  • There are additional fundraising requirements. As an ensemble, participants, staff and parents will need to ACTIVELY participate in fundraising with program ads, concerts and other such fundraisers. We are eagerly interested in any sponsorship from our community but desire this project to be self-sustaining on it’s own merit.

Please note that there is a small chance we will not reach our enrollment goals and be forced to postpone until next year. If this happens, monies will be returned.

The most compassionate audition ever!

We pride ourselves on our gentle approach to the audition. Think of it more as a “meet and greet” where we share with each other some of our favorite moments from the show. You will come and meet with our staff, share with us what you like about theatre and what you'd like to do in the production, sing a part of a song from the show (or even “Happy Birthday”!), and we may ask you to read a scene or two with us! Low pressure. Anyone who auditions is guaranteed in the show (provided you do not have conflicts with required rehearsal and performance dates).  

Three easy steps:

  1. Watch the show!

  2. Pick you favorite part from

  3. Rehearse! Memorization is not required for auditions

You can register for your audition to be considered for a role or just as an ensemble member. All casting is done by director Orion Couling and  E.D.G.E. of Orion  staff.


Ensemble:  Ages 10 - adult (30 slots available)

This is theatre for ALL. Invite friends, neighbors, classmates, and cousins of all abilities to join this amazing production!

Auditions held at:

Molloy Education Center

8701 Menard Ave

Morton Grove, IL 60053

Rehearsal Location:  

Molloy Education Center

8701 Menard Ave

Morton Grove, IL 60053

Anticipated Rehearsal Schedule:

Evenings: Mondays (OCT, NOV, & some FEB) Thursdays (DEC - FEB)  6:30-8:30 pm

Mornings: Saturdays (NOV - FEB)  9am -11 am

Full Schedule to be given on first day.

Performance location:

Devonshire Playhouse, 4400 Greenwood St, Skokie, IL 60076

Tech Week:


Monday 5:30-9pm

Tech 1


Wednesday 5-9pm

Tech 2


Thursday 5-9pm

Tech 3



Friday 5-9pm

Show 1 at 7pm


Saturday 4-8pm

Show 2 at 6pm


Sunday 10 am-4pm

Show 3 at 2pm

Cast Party at Devonshire Playhouse right after we strike the set! (This is basically cleaning the space and taking the set apart)

“I trust you will find the gifts of respect, inspiration, inclusiveness, and unity when you join the Constellation Project. E.D.G.E. of Orion Theatre stays true to its name. Esteem Development through Greater Expectation. The director and staff hold the highest vision for our kids. They extend firm-kindness which allows true confidence to be expressed.

My family has seen amazing shows and have taken part in one produced by  E.D.G.E. of Orion There are stories, sets, costumes, lights, music, and energy. There is more to the productions than the "show". It goes beyond entertainment. As director Orion Couling has shared - it's more about the journey than the show for the kids and our families.

The director and staff actively take a personal part in our kids' journeys of life. I hope to share the journey with all of you.”- Debbie- Mother

To register for your audition:

Fill out our brief parent/participant form and pay

Form questions

  • I understand and agree to actively participate in fundraising for this program including program ads, cabarets, and others.

  • I understand that if this program does not enroll 30 participants or its financial equivalent the program will be postponed until next year and my fees will be returned.

  • Theatre is an art that requires high standards of behavior. I understand that this program uses gentle but firm discipline to achieve its goals. I recognize it is possible, however unlikely, that my child may be asked to take a break from the show for a rehearsal or- in extreme cases- be asked to leave; especially in a case where the participant is purposely and wilfully being disruptive or harmful. I understand that the staff of this program will communicate concerns with me and cooperatively look at strategies, but the final decision falls to the staff of this program. If my child must leave due to discipline problems, I will not be refunded. (In the past 10 years and 12 6-month programs with over 600 participants we’ve only needed to ask 8 to leave.)

  • I understand that there are payment plans available but the final payment must be made two weeks before the first show.

  • I understand that the rehearsal process and show process is “closed”. This means parents are not allowed in the rehearsal room or backstage at any point without express permission from show management. I understand this is an exercise of trust. (Please see the comments from mom, Lisa, regarding that trust.)

  • I understand that this entire process is a team based effort. Communication with an actor's parents/guardians is essential so we are all on the same page in understanding what strategies work within different settings for an individual, and are aware of any changes that have recently occurred in an actor's life that may influence intentions, communication or behavior.

  • Waiver and liability form

  • Photo release form


“What makes us cool is bringing joy to others who enjoy our craft of performing.

What a young person gets out of the process is enjoyment, making friendships, builds confidences and acquires new skills like singing, dancing and acting.

What makes us different is we are a big family and we support each other. “

-Allie- Participant