Orion Couling is the award-winning founder and executive director of EDGE of Orion, an Illinois NFP. He is a specialist in project-based learning and carries 20 years of adventure based teaching experience. As a sought after stage combat instructor, his focus on teaching safe and compassionate practices have benefited over 84 productions. Orion started his work with Dueling Arts international as an instructor for 13 years and has moved forward to create movement-based theatre for inclusion based models. His work includes all learning styles and is one of the few stage combat instructors who teach actors with developmental challenges.  His choreography is story driven and creative. He’s known for embracing fantasy styles as well as historical to create unique works specifically created for the cast and shows he works on.

With over 100 directing credits in professional and youth theatre to his name, he remains one of the foremost experts in dynamic educational theatre. His “edu-tainment” style is known to bring levity and inspiration to classrooms and audiences.  Orion is also a filmmaker, playwright, stunt coordinator, and a licensed Maritime Captain. When not leading the “inclusion revolution,” you’ll find him playing with his Irish Folk rock band “Finger on the Trigger,” leading ghost tours, or by the water.