Quidditch Season is quickly coming up upon us, and I have already been hearing a lot of excited chatter.   We are so glad that we have been able to forge a class and an event that have carried such an enthusiastic buzz to it for multiple years.

We also think it is important to address and remind everyone of why we run the class and the Quidditch Cup in the first place.   Firstly, we must all remember that the Quidditch Cup itself is not the end-all reason that we run the class.  It is amazing.   It is fun.  It is competitive.   But it is at its core a celebration for all of us to come together, play together, and support a worthy cause together.  Much like with our EDGE shows, the Quidditch Cup is the destination and EDGE is about the journey over the destination. 

When it comes to the class, there has been some talk of letting the kids making their own teams or making a more competitive team in preparation for the Cup.  I would like to make it clear that myself, along with consultation from Orion, will continue to make the teams.  The class is about physical activity in a genre that we are fans of, about inclusion and the community building that comes from having players of all ability levels working together as a team, and about creating an environment that concentrates on providing an opportunity for EVERYONE to succeed and feel joy in their team.  As an example that many of us can relate to, when a young person signs up for a Little League, the players don't get together to draft the team, the coaches do.  

With any game there is a level of competitiveness and we don't want to stop anyone from wanting to win.   But a wish to be more competitive at the expense of other young people who wish to be a part of the fun is not something that we can promote.   In short, it is completely natural and good for the students to want to win, but wins and losses are not the  driving reason we are playing the game.

Important to also remember is that when other teams come to the Quidditch Cup, they are coming there first and foremost to celebrate and support YOU as you are what make EDGE have the reach and strength it does.   YOU are what make it a community that others want to see more of in the world. The Cup is where other groups, peers, and even our own parents come to do their part to help and suppirt what we together are building.

I am so excited to play, coach, and stand beside all of you again.  It is going to be so much fun and so much more important than the final score!