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Greetings EDGE-heads! Rick Olson (He/Him/His) is honored and thrilled to be the Director of the Youth Theatre at EDGE of Orion! A Native of Marquette, Michigan with a Degree in both Theatre and Media Production/New Technology from Northern Michigan University, Rick has toured, taught, and acted with and for young people in 5 states before coming to Chicago in late 2010. EDGE of Orion has been his passion and his ultimate life since coming to the Windy City. Rick believes that everyone, no matter their age or abilities, should be interacted with equally instead of talked down to or talked at. Some of my favorite shows and classes with EDGE of Orion YT have been Ghostbusted, Guards! Guards!, and the classes in History of the Great Lakes and Advanced Legend Acting. He is so grateful and thankful for all of the students and parents of the "EDGE-Army" and can't wait to see you in the next class or show!