Quidditch, a sport in the Harry Potter books, has inspired many people to play Muggle Quidditch, also known as Ground Quidditch, a non-magical (but yet, oh so magical) version of the game. As it is adapted from the game in the book, people have made many different versions. We have a very straightforward version that emphasizes fair play and teamwork! But just because we aren’t flying doesn’t mean it won’t be a sweaty, athletic, magical experience! The past three years have been a smash success and we hope to add more teams this year! This class will culminate in the 4th Annual Chicago Muggle Quidditch Cup where we will be given the opportunity to test our skills against other youth teams!

Tier: Heroes and Legends

Instructor:  Rick, Angela, and Kevin

Days:  Monday

Blocks:  3 and 4

Time:  12:00pm - 2:35pm (We will leave for the park front lobby at 12:05-12:10 and eat lunch at the park

Weeks: 10

Start and End Date: March 18 - May 28    

BONUS PRACTICES:  Monday May 6th from 10:30-1:30

                                     Monday May 20th from 11:30-3:30

Primary Location:  This class will take place at Edgewater Park near where Bryn Mawr hits the lake. We will leave for the park from the lobby at 12:10 and walk to the park. In the case of heavy rain we will be in the Multi-purpose room at The Edge Theatre

Min/Max: 14/30

NOTES:  storm/heavy rain location: Multi-Purpose room of The Edge Theatre

  • This is an ATHLETIC class. Wear clothes that you can move in, run in, sweat in, and play in

  • Bring a water bottle for sure!  

  • Pack a good lunch that is easy to walk with and be eaten at the park

Cost:  $180

Multiple Class/Child Discount: $155

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