The Chronicles of the Stone Coast Vol. 4: When Gods Collide 7/24: 12pm-5pm


The Chronicles of the Stone Coast Vol. 4: When Gods Collide 7/24: 12pm-5pm


The Chronicles of the Stone Coast Vol. 4:

When Gods Collide

July 24th:  12pm-5pm

(Back-up Rain Date: July 26th)

The Citizens of the Stone Coast, led by heroes from throughout the land, have been successful in providing peace and safety to their lands. Now, prosperity has set in. Schools of learning, trade, and commerce have been thriving. Crops have been growing. The people in general are happy and fed. It seems to the peoples of the Stone Coast that all of the Gods are shining down upon them...but are they? When Gods get bored, their attentions turn to the mortals as chess pieces in their celestial battleboard. What sort of havoc will the Gods unleash? Will any now peaceful residents of the Stone Coast survive the paranormal playground they have been thrust into?

When: Wednesday, July 24th

Where: Waveland Clock Tower

Primary Teacher: Rick

Tier: Due to content Heroes and Legends, but gameplay can be competitive, so Heroes be advised. Parents are welcome as non-playing characters, but cannot be actual players. Parents must have phone meeting or face to face with Rick if they want to play

Cost $50

Min/ Max: 10/20 Max- We will not accept more than 20

Note: We provide a fair amount of nerf arsenal. You are welcome to bring your own. Make up- Rain Date is Friday July 26th (same times)

Time:   12pm-5pm

12:00-1:00-  Character Creation and general sparring

1:00-2:45-    Game Part 1

2:45-3:15-    Break/Lunch

3:15-5:00-    Game Part 2

All classes are held outside in the park next to Waveland Clock Tower. They will run rain or shine, unless there’s a great deal of rain or cold; if that occurs, they will be moved to Pendulum building (if it is a Session class) or rescheduled if a LARP Event (we will notify parents via email as soon as possible in the event this happens). Drop-ins are welcome in some classes; Please check the “Notes” section. Classes, of course, must meet their minimum to run at all.

Details and Perks of the Park:  There is plenty of metered parking. The Irving Park (#80) and Addison (#152) buses are also great options, plus several inner Lake Shore Dr. buses. There are public bathrooms, plenty of shade, and a lovely bar/cafe nearby. Drop your kid off or stay and enjoy the park! Sign up for 3 (paying classes, not LARP) and get one free!

Address of Waveland Clock Tower:

3600 N. Recreation Dr., Chicago, IL 60613

Classes are to the far south of the clock tower behind the bird sanctuary. Parking is available either next to the tower or across the baseball fields on Recreation Drive. The park space we use is roughly between Addison and Irving Park.

Address of Rain Day Location: Pendulum Space

1803 W. Byron St. #215, Chicago, IL 60613

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