The Forge (aka “Tech Week”)


“These are the fires in which we burn!”  Star Trek VI

 What happens when we face the impossible?  What we do is impossible, never the less -we succeed.   This is the very core of EDGE. “Esteem Development through Greater Expectations”  means not just raising the bar for our young people but for for our staff and families.  It isn’t easy to trust our staff to guide your young person through this endeavor, but our track record stands. The hammer of the actor will meet the steel of the production and what pulls out of the bubbling water is the strong blade of a life changing experience.  We can do this! Welcome to The Forge!

The Nitty Gritty:

Expect long hours  techs can be hours long, sometimes the whole day.  Talk to your young person about this and help them brainstorm ways to successfully navigate these long, hardworking days.   Please plan to be available as much as possible during the week prior to performances, including days which class does not meet.  We will do our very best to provide a schedule as early as possible.  That being said, flexibility with time is important.

– Bring snacks, hydration and lots of it:   actors need nourishment in order to maintain focus.  If tech time crosses lunch or dinner hour, please be sure to pack enough food to cover these meals. Labelled water bottles are a must.

– Down Time when not needed on stage  actors are expected to take care of and entertain themselves.  Take a snack break, read, study, get some fresh air (if space allows).  Bring cards and small games, journals, art supplies, comic books and Mad Libs are all good choices.  We do not encourage electronic gaming during tech.

-Tension: it’s inevitable. We are in a boiler. Sometimes that means frustration, anxiety, and ever so rarely anger. These feelings are natural. They are part of the upwards struggle that is the success of the show. We expect everyone to do their best to be respectful at all times, and to be forgiving of one another.  Everyone will reach a point where their personal limits are stressed, but with acceptance and kindness from each other, these moments pass.

-Questions: so many questions  With so much new stimulus there are bound to be questions. These are awesome. welcomed andthe foundation of learning.   That said,  there is a time and a place and… a staff member!  Think about what your question is, and ask the appropriate person before going right to the Director.

  • Stage Manager:  Where and When and What. For example: Whats the next scene? That’s a great question for the SM
  • Assistant Director(s):    Acting and Interpretation. For Example: How was that scene? Was I good? This is great one for the A
  • Director: You can ask the director any question you like durring breaks and after rehearsal.
  • Costumer or Quick Change Dresser: We really want the actor to be responsible for their own costume but if have someone to help you might ask them: what do I wear next?

Every tech for every show is different.  Be prepared, be enthusiastic and always expect the unexpected!  Remember … breathe before actions!