What path is best for my young quest seeker?

Choosing a path for your young Quest Seeker is not an easy task. Here at EDGE of Orion, we summoned our most dedicated knights and warriors, quizzed them about dragons and armor, ran them through the gauntlet and a few labyrinths, and then let them nap while we came up with these Class Tiers. These Class Tiers will help you figure out which EDGE classes will best suit your young Quest Seekers.

Each tier has 10 skills and qualities and is based on social skills, classroom skills, and stagecraft. As we well know, ages are fairly subjective, particularly when facing minotaurs or furies, but we’ve included them as a baseline.

“But EDGE!” you cry. “How can we tell which one will work for us? Tell us, oh EDGE!”

We’d be delighted!

Each skill or quality counts as 10%. Simply read through the list and add up the points.

  • Less than 50%:  You are very brave and courageous, but we wouldn’t want to face a Cyclops or Dalek when we weren’t ready, now would we? Of course not! Work hard in your tier and you’ll be moving up soon!

  • Between 50-70%:  You are quite the quest seeker! There may be some skills you need to learn before moving on to the next tier. If you are ready for a challenge, send an owl (or an email) to our team and we can help you determine which level will work best.

  • 70% to 90%:  You have found your quest and can brandish your sword with swagger and confidence!

  • 90-100%:  You are tried and true in quests of all kinds!  If you are scoring this high in the Legend Tier, then it might be time to talk about auditioning for the professional wing, such as EDGE’s Constellation Project or maybe community theatre partners while you perfect your skills as a Legend.

*A note on reading and writing: We know that everyone is on a different journey with these skills. Some classes will require them and will say so in the description notes.

*A note on ages: We know that ages are subjective. Please do the calculations and if you have a question about appropriateness for your child, contact us.

One more term you might see is “Academy.” This is a class open to Heroes and Legends that moves at an aggressive pace and is demanding.




(Typically ages 4 and up)

1. Not a reader

2. New to theatre and or adventure based learning

3. May not have been in many other classes, if any

4. Might need their Lord or Lady nearby

5. Might need assistance with snacks or lunch

6. Still working on listening

7. Learning about how to make good choices

8. Working on keeping hands to themselves

9. New to working with others and/or taking directions from a new adult

10. May not know the best way to act with honor, but is willing to learn




(Typically ages 8-12)

1. A reader of any level (or has an active strategy for overcoming reading challenges)

2. May be new to theatre

3. Someone with classroom or group learning experience

4. Ready to be independent from their Lord or Lady

5. Can manage their own snacks or lunch

6. Learning about taking direction, but may not have mastered it yet

7. Willing to work with others and ready to start modeling good choices to Adventurers.

8. Ready to work on material at home

9. Someone with a desire to learn new things and try something different

10. A student who can work on honorable behavior backstage and in classes, such as following directions, keeping hands to themselves, and listening.




(Typically ages 11-18)

1. Someone who has a firm grasp on reading and minimal reliance on nontraditional reading (such as audio)

2. Familiar with a class setting, particularly an EDGE Hero class

3. A student with a desire to be in class

4. A hard worker who is ready to create and craft at an aggressive pace

5. An actor willing to take emotional risks

6. A guide who is capable and/or willing to assist with Adventurers and Heroes as needed

7. Someone who can work independently as necessary

8. Ready and able to take on older content, such as PG and PG13

9. A dedicated learner who will complete work outside of class in a timely manner

10. An upstanding citizen of the theatre, showing courtesy and kind regard to all by listening and respecting boundaries

For our Musical Theatre Classes, the classification is as follows:



(Typically ages 6-11)

Bards have the skills and qualities of an Adventurer or Hero and love music









(Typically ages 11-18)

Troubadours have the skills and qualities of a Hero or Legend and love music