Epic Speeches of the Bard

Epic Speeches of the Bard

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Epic Speeches of the Bard

Join Mr. Kevin and learn the art of understanding and performing some of the extensive catalogue of Shakespeare's amazing monologues, from grand and epic speeches, to deep insightful soliloquies. This class will challenge even the most trained actor in terms of understanding the language they are speaking and translating that to an audience.

Tier:  Legends

Instructor:   Kevin

Days:  Mondays

Blocks:  3

Time:  12:30pm - 1:30pm

Weeks: 6

Start and End Date: January 7 - February 11     

Primary Location: Pendulum 1803 W Byron St #216, Chicago, IL 60613

Min/Max: 4/8

Notes:  This class will feature fairly lengthy monologues from Shakespeare's works. Proficient reading skill is required. Some memorization may be requested.

  • Shakespeare’s plays and speeches often deal with some mature themes and subjects, which may be touched upon in this class

Cost:  $115

Multiple Class/Child Discount: $90

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