Intro to Guitar: Six String Slam!

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Intro to Guitar: Six String Slam!

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Intro to Guitar: Six String Slam!

Join experienced guitarist Mr. Kevin and unlock the ways of the instrument! Whether you're just picking up a guitar or have been playing for a while, this small-sized class will help you find and achieve your next level. Learn to strum the six strings for the first time, solidify your skills, or take the next step towards being a Guitar Hero in this fun class!

Tier:  Heroes and Legends

Instructor:  Kevin

Days:  Mondays

Blocks:  6

Time:  3:50pm - 5:00pm

Weeks: 6

Start and End Date: January 7 - February 11     

Primary Location: Pendulum 1803 W Byron St #216, Chicago, IL 60613

Min/Max: 3/ 4

Notes:  If you do not already have one, you will need your own guitar for this class. There are low-cost options available that Mr. Kevin, Mr. Rick or Mr. Orion can help you find.   

Cost:  $115

Multiple Class/Child Discount: $90

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