Oh, The People We Will Be

Oh, The People We Will Be

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Oh, The People We Will Be

A ragtag band of friends have places to go and people to be, but whatever happens to them when they are lost in the Lurch, bumped in a Slump, or stuck in Waiting? Come join them on an adventure as they find their way out and be the people they will be in this Dr. Seuss inspired ramble of a good time!

Written in the style of a “Pixar Short” this show will perform before performances of Seussical Jr! This is a GREAT opportunity for Adventurers who are joining the musical to get a chance to shine in lead roles and let their voices be heard too!   

Tier:  Adventurers

Instructor: Jen Mohr

Days: Mondays

Blocks: 1

Time: 10:00 - 11:00

Weeks: 6

Start and End Date: January 7 - February 11     

Primary Location: Pendulum 1803 W Byron St #216, Chicago, IL 60613

Min/Max: 4/8

Notes:  This show performs before performances of Seussical Jr. at The Edge Theatre in Edgewater.  

Actors in this show who ARE NOT in Seussical will only be called to one short Tech rehearsal   during Tech week


  • 3/1 at 7:00pm-Performance 1

  • 3/2 at 3:00pm-Performance 2

  • 3/3 at 3:00pm-Performance 3

Cost:  $115

Multiple Class/Child Discount: $90

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