Speed D&D

Speed D&D

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Speed D&D

The Classic Dungeons and Dragons makes its way back to EDGE in this Gauntlet-style splash down into the world of tabletop roleplaying games! Pre-made characters will encounter a new monster or challenge each week in this race to survive to the end of the Gauntlet! Perfect for the student interested in D&D but needing to learn how to play or how it works, join Gamemaster Jen as she brings this exciting game to life!

Tier:  Heroes

Instructor: Jen

Days: Mondays

Blocks: 3

Time: 12:30pm - 1:30pm

Weeks: 6

Start and End Date: January 7 - February 11     

Primary Location: Pendulum 1803 W Byron St #216, Chicago, IL 60613

Min/Max: 4/8

Notes: This class will be run with the Dungeons and Dragons 5e system. Bringing a writing utensil and dice is recommended but not mandatory.

Cost:  $115

Multiple Class/Child Discount: $90

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